New England House and the Greater #Brighton economic development plan – is change afoot?

The Greater Brighton City deal document produced in connection with the Greater Brighton Economic Board specifically mentions the role of New England House. It says that the building is in need of renewal.

We also noticed that planning permission for the building near New England House is sought.

ST. PETER’S & NORTH LAINE, BH2015/04474 Units 1-6 Longley Industrial Estate New England Street, Brighton.

Change of use of all units from light industrial (B1c) and warehousing (B8) to offices (B1a) together with external alterations and refurbishment including increase in height of building, installation of curtain walling system, metal faced cladding and glazed panelling, revised vehicular and pedestrian access, new cycle and motor cycle storage and disabled parking bays.

This will release section 106 money – could this trigger fresh investment e.g. in the road system, or London Road car park?


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