Next meeting London Road LAT #Brighton – March 8th at Barclays

Please note the next meeting is *NOT* 1st March, but is 8th March. This is in order to fit in with PCSOs shift pattern.

Venue: we will be meeting at Barclays Eagle Labs – Preston Circus by their kind invitation.


Draft Agenda London Road #Brighton LAT 2/2/16 18.15 for 18.30

  1. Welcome, apologies and introductions
  • a number of apologies have been received : Chris Tucker (UOS accommodation), Amanda Healey (St Bartholomew’s School), Andy Winter, Lindsay Debach (usual note taker!), Mike Hedgethorne, Tony Firmin,

2. Police and Licensing

3. Viaduct Road

  • email from Cllr Gill Mitchell following up earlier correspondence:

Dear Philip,

We seem to be going round in circles.  I’ve dug this email out from last July.  I’ve met with Mark and said that we need to find out if the further traffic survey work has been undertaken or will take place and then meet with the LAT to propose a way forward.

Best wishes,


  • City Clean – have confirmed attendance in Feb

Planning Officer for  enforcement Mat Gest – has sent apologies in Feb:

I’m very sorry but I’m afraid I’m not going to be able to attend the meeting tomorrow. I am genuinely very sorry but something has come up for me privately which means I won’t be available that evening.

I would be willing to re-schedule and attend the next meeting if convenient.

In short as an update, we have undertaken a survey of the street and written to the most concerning properties, as you are aware, however formal action/s have not yet been pursued. This remains a “pro-active” piece of work which will be followed through as soon as resources allow.

I would be grateful for views (from all sides) in regards to the “painted houses”. Clearly these have been in place for a while but I would just say that I have not received many representations in regards to their effect on the area. I would only say, at this time, if anyone has any representations in these regards, to please let me know.

I am so sorry again that I am unable to attend, I have attempted to seek a replacement to attend on my behalf but unfortunately no-one is available tomorrow evening.

4. Updates (if any)

  • Cycles adorning railings in Ditchling Road – still awaiting action
  • BMEP invitation – still awaiting action
  • Business Improvement District
  • Planning Applications – Longley Industrial Estate New England Street


5. Any other business items

Date of next meeting – 8/3/16 – venue?? we have been invited to Barclays if we want to.

  • HMO issues meeting – Wed 3rd Feb – we will be represented by Mike Hedgethorne and Tony Firmin (note: only 2 reps are invited per organisation)
  • Fish shop: at the open Market. Richard: the smell is public health issue?