Agenda for Tuesday 1st December 2015

Agenda – 1/12/15 18.15 for 18.30 Calvary Church, Viaduct Rd

  1. Apologies and Introductions
  2. Policing and Licensing
  3. 2015-Police-stats-Level-010 2015-03-04-Police-stats-london-road-010
    1. Update and policing priorities
    2. there are 2 consultations – details will be brought to the meeting
  4. Updates
    • Viaduct Road – mostly no replies to our request for updates
    • informal contact with Triangle, and Roundhill Society
    • any other?
  5. London Road – traffic
    • update on Environment Transport and Sustainability committee 24th November 2015
    • do we want to make further input into this process?
  6. Past and Future plans
    1. date of next meeting(s)
    2. review of newsletter
    3. review of Open Evening
    4. Financial position – any ideas about raising funds
    5. upcoming LAT Chairs meeting (8/12) – is there anything we wish to put into the agenda
  7. AOB (please notify before the meeting)

Fascinating and positive “Open Evening” reflecting the changes in London Road / New England Quarter #Brighton

Nearly all the seats were taken for the Open Evening “A celebration of London Road” November 24th 2015.

Tea and cake were served to begin the evening as guests arrived.

Retrospective context

The chair Philip Wells opened with a brief presentation demonstrating the amazing progress since the last Open Evening in November 2011.

newsletter 2011

newsletter 2011

At that time we could only look forward in hope for the prospect of: Abacus = the former Co-op, the Open Market, The Level, Ann Street/Providence Place Garden, the station gateway, Block J up by the station.

As we look back from the standpoint of November 2015 these projects are completed.

The presentation showed some comparison photos.


Abacus – in process of construction



Abacus – now fully populated


Usually everyone present is given an opportunity to introduce themselves – but on this occasion introductions were restricted to the following: Cllr Lizzie Deane (on behalf of her colleagues), Garry Collins (Council LAT liaison), Ann Townsend (Visitlondonroad Town Team), Mike Newman (on behalf of Pavilions drug and alcohol service). There were stalls displaying material from University of Sussex, Ditchling Rise Area Residents Association, London Road Station Partnership, Open Market and others.

Main speaker – Chris Gilbert

Our main speaker Chris Gilbert (QED property development) told the fascinating story of New England Quarter. He spoke about its seedy status in the 1960s and 1970s – with many trades going on including some random Arthur Daley – style businesses. He took us through the process of planning lines of approach, visual angles, accesses and making it all work financially.


the New England Quarter – as it used to be

The building process was long and involved – but is finally nearing its planned completion. The steps up to the station were only opened in recent weeks.

It was a fascinating evening.

A Celebration of London Road – 24th November 18.30 Calvary Church, Viaduct Road #Brighton

By now many locals will have received the LAT newsletter advertising the meeting on November 24th.

This is an open public meeting to which all are welcome. We will be looking back over the progress and developments in London Road over the past years.

There will be an opportunity to talk to some of the “main players” in the recent changes.

There will be a talk from one of the key property developers in the New England area, Chris Gilbert of QED ( – among many other things they are the people behind the Richardson’s Yard container housing project.