London Rd #Brighton LAT AGM – October 6th 18.15 for 18.30 Calvary Church, Viaduct Rd



  1. Welcome and introductions
  2. Minutes and date of next meeting (24th November – Open Evening – to be confirmed)
  3. Policing and Licensing
  4. AGM matters
    1. Chair’s report
    2. Treasurers Report
    3. Note-taker – we hope Ruth Muinde will be able to help on this occasion, and Lindsay Debach in future months.
    4. Election of officers: nominations – voting: those for, those against

5. Plans for next meeting and newsletter

  • production: hopefully Lindsay will be able to help PW and LD
  • items to be included in newsletter??
    • from Police
    • from Councillors
    • from head of Communities/Equalities
    • local business association/Portas
    • other local organisations (DRARA, Greenway, Communities of the Level)
    • ??
  • Open Evening: format … food? nibbles? timing?

6. Updates

  • Launch for 3-space on Friday
  • Told that ground floor of Abacus is to be British Heart Foundation
  • shall we ask for feedback in December meeting from Highways/Matt Gest etc.

7. Any Other business

  • Richard asks for discussion of traffic on London Road – this is a big topic, are we minded to put this into the agenda for a future meeting?




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