Draft minutes of AGM of London Road LAT #Brighton now posted

6th October 2015 – AGM of London Road Area Local Action Team (LAT).

The draft minutes are here.




Notices On Trees Update

Notices on trees – from Southdown Rise Residents Association

Southdown Rise Residents Association

From Dr David Harper, Senior Lecturer in Evolutionary Biology, University of Sussex

“Two problems for trees, one for people:

1.  On all trees, bark exists in part to protect tree from infection: the pin holes break this barrier.

2.  On small trees the pin holes may penetrate vital fluid translocation vessels.

3.  Many pins end up not being removed by the polluters and may be incorporated into the bark.  They are then extraordinarily dangerous to chain saw users; sadly many street trees end up being cut.

There is IMHO no excuse for it: to advertise your fete or neglected pet with a poster there are so many alternatives ranging from fixing them to posts to string (or duct tape).”

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London Rd #Brighton LAT AGM – October 6th 18.15 for 18.30 Calvary Church, Viaduct Rd



  1. Welcome and introductions
  2. Minutes and date of next meeting (24th November – Open Evening – to be confirmed)
  3. Policing and Licensing
  4. AGM matters
    1. Chair’s report
    2. Treasurers Report
    3. Note-taker – we hope Ruth Muinde will be able to help on this occasion, and Lindsay Debach in future months.
    4. Election of officers: nominations – voting: those for, those against

5. Plans for next meeting and newsletter

  • production: hopefully Lindsay will be able to help PW and LD
  • items to be included in newsletter??
    • from Police
    • from Councillors
    • from head of Communities/Equalities
    • local business association/Portas
    • other local organisations (DRARA, Greenway, Communities of the Level)
    • ??
  • Open Evening: format … food? nibbles? timing?

6. Updates

  • Launch for 3-space on Friday
  • Told that ground floor of Abacus is to be British Heart Foundation
  • shall we ask for feedback in December meeting from Highways/Matt Gest etc.

7. Any Other business

  • Richard asks for discussion of traffic on London Road – this is a big topic, are we minded to put this into the agenda for a future meeting?