Agenda for meeting September 1st 18.15 for 18.30 Calvary Church, Viaduct Road #Brighton

1. Welcome, apologies and Introductions

  • apologies from Ruth Muinde, Lucy Dunleavy (Vice-Chair) and Lindsay Debach (new volunteer) – so we will be without a note-taker

2. Policing and Licensing

(a) please note that after discussion with Insp Brian Mcarthy a PCSO presence will happen up to Feb 2016 without any change of usual dates. For the rest of the year 3 minor date changed would be required see post on the website

(b) discussion of any issues regarding Level (see adverse Argus report), and Pride (if any)

3. Plans for next few months

It would be good to form plans for the next few months (October, November, December, February)

  • we need to hold an AGM to elect or re-elect officers: at least a Chair and Vice-Chair(s), Treasurer, Secretary and to receive a report on the past year’s operation. Vice-Chair Cathy Reeves has stepped down as from August, Vice Chair Lucy Dunleavy is still willing to serve at the moment – but herself has many work and family commitments.
  • it would be good to make an effort to publicise and engage afresh with residents and traders. We do so in the context that London Road has vastly improved over the past 7 years, and the sense of “something needing to be done” is not as raw as it once was.
  • a guest speaker might be in order – and I have taken the step of asking Chris Giilbert – a leade planner/developer in NE Quarter whether he would be available to give a historical overview of the developments.
  • please note that I (Philip) have work commitments in November and will be away from Brighton in first and second week of the month

3. Viaduct Road

  • updates have been requested, and some have been promised (e.g. Highways). Nothing other than that has come in over the summer.

4. Planning Issues 

  • nothing new on this.

5. Updates and matters arising

2 requested items (from Richard and edited into brief form)

  • “overhanging greenery on Greenway area – whose responsibility?”
  • “enquiry and clarification requested: the Black Minority Ethnic Centre – are its meetings open to non-black people?”
  • update and concern from London Terrace resident (at the back of Abacus) – all other houses have been bought up for use as HMOS

a. Ann Street/Oxford Street junction – now complete:  do we think this is an improvement

b. The “stone circle project” – 40 stones have been laid across the area as an arts project – do we have any feedback?

c. Providence Place Park – now completed – any feedback?

c. VisitLondonRoad – Town Team (updates – if any)

d. London Road Business Association (updates – if any)

e. Ditchling Rise Residents Association – (updates – if any)

f. Francis Street – ongoing.

h. any other business?



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