Police stats for London Road #Brighton and Level from beginning of 2015

Our PCSOs dutifully provide us with statistics of reported crime in our area. These are broken down into “London Road” and “the Level”.

For interest they are presented here as spreadsheet tables.

The thing about stats is

(a) it is *reported crime* i.e. unless people ring in 101 then it does not get noted down even if it happened.

(b) an increase can mean that incidents that previously went unreported are being reported – this is a GOOD THING

(c) more reporting means there is a better argument to deploy resources for any given problem area … so please RING IN 101 if you see a problem, even if you know that no one is going to get caught there and then!

(d) its difficult to draw conclusions except by careful comparison e.g. incidents on the Level always increase in the summer months, and tail off during the colder days. One needs to compare like with like.


(Any errors in copying the data across are mine: P.W.)

2015-Police-stats-london-road-008-4-years-a 2015-Police-stats-london-road-008-4-years-b 2015-Police-stats-Level-008



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