Police stats for London Road #Brighton and Level from beginning of 2015

Our PCSOs dutifully provide us with statistics of reported crime in our area. These are broken down into “London Road” and “the Level”.

For interest they are presented here as spreadsheet tables.

The thing about stats is

(a) it is *reported crime* i.e. unless people ring in 101 then it does not get noted down even if it happened.

(b) an increase can mean that incidents that previously went unreported are being reported – this is a GOOD THING

(c) more reporting means there is a better argument to deploy resources for any given problem area … so please RING IN 101 if you see a problem, even if you know that no one is going to get caught there and then!

(d) its difficult to draw conclusions except by careful comparison e.g. incidents on the Level always increase in the summer months, and tail off during the colder days. One needs to compare like with like.


(Any errors in copying the data across are mine: P.W.)

2015-Police-stats-london-road-008-4-years-a 2015-Police-stats-london-road-008-4-years-b 2015-Police-stats-Level-008



#Brighton Council’s Community Safety Team have now got a facebook page!

Does this mean that we can now see photos of the Community Safety Team’s cats and holidays in Spain and elsewhere? Apparently not.

Cally Sykes is part of the Community Safety Projects team and she sent us this explanatory letter:


At the last LAT chairs meeting I wanted to let you all know that the Community Safety Team now have a facebook page but we ran out of time at the end of the meeting.

Here is the link to our page:


We recognise that a large number of people now use social media and this will help us improve the way in which we communicate with residents living in the city. Our facebok page will enable us to:

  • Provide information & advice to residents and communities of interest
  • Listening to discussion
  • Contribute to conversation
  • Get residents involved
  • Identify residents’ needs
  • Promote our services & events

Please can  you help us promote our facebook page to members on your LAT mailing list. If people like our page our information will show up on their news feed.

Kind Regards

Cally Sykes

Substance Misuse Neighbourhood Liaison Officer

Community Safety Projects Team

1st Floor Bartholomew House,

Brighton, BN1 1JP

Tel: 01273 293006


Follow us on twitter  https://twitter.com/safeinthecity

Like us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/BHSafeintheCity

A new “myth” for London Road #Brighton – a stone circle

Five student members of “The Brighton School” have created a new “myth” for London Road in the form of a mysterious stone circle.

The 40 stones have been implanted in the London Road area in various places many of which are visible to curious passers-by.

The stones were orginally unused stone slabs adjacent to St Peter’s church, near the taxi rank. They were about to be thrown away – but have now been reused for this new idea.

Where stones have been re-sited on private land the landowner is under no obligation to display the stones, or to keep them permanently – but we hope that many of the them will endure to form a long-term and intriguing monument.

Perhaps not as long-lasting as stone henge though.

It’s a bit different to the usual public art!


The students sent out an explanation to all the people whose land would be involved, see below:



The project was Funded partly by European money – via Recreate by INTERREG, the European Regional Development Fund plus Section 106 money from local development.

More details at www.brightonsch.tumblr.com or www.spacemakers.info