News of – MULTICULTURAL EID FESTIVAL : SUNDAY 26 JULY 2015 Open Market #Brighton

Update from OpenMarket trader Mohammed Asaduzzaman


held at Brighton Open MarketMarshalls Row, Brighton BN1 4JU

on Sunday 26th July between 11am – 3:30pm.

The traders’ stalls will be open, joined by a variety of organisations and activities as The Open Market springs into life to celebrate the arrival of Eid, a time of renewal, giving, joy and forgiveness – an event for all, a non-denominational celebration, much like Christmas.

The Festival is organised in partnership with faith groups, community groups, charities and service providers across the city (see over for some involved), in a spirit of unity, to promote community cohesion, break down social barriers, promote peace and harmony within the city and increase cultural diversity within the London Road and among the users of the community market. It will include:

• A cultural exhibition, display of information regarding the heritage, history of these cultural groups within Brighton & Hoveand the local community
• Short films to be run throughout the event
• Promotion of health and wellbeing within the community          
• Poetry, storytelling, comedy
• Children’s activities, eg face painting
• International music and dance 
• Asian tea culture
• In the spirit of Eid, simple food and sweets will be shared amongst visitors in a symbolic gesture and to stress the importance of providing for those in need.


The occasion provides an opportunity for local organisations and community groups to explain their work and share it with the wider community.

But, most of all, it is a chance to share some fun.

It is fully supported by The Mayor of Brighton & HoveLynda Hyde.

The Festival is timed to take place within a few days of the end of the month of Ramadan, which is, in itself, a period of quiet reflection. Eid, which begins with the sighting of the new moon, is a joyous occasion for families and for all.

It follows the success of the One Voice Community event in May and July’s 1 Year Anniversary of The Open Market and Children’s Day events, all of which are raising the profile of this vibrant London Road area of the city and helping to make The Open Market a shopping and recreation destination of choice.

 Co-ordinator of this event is market trader Mohammed Asaduzzaman, well known as a chef, purveyor of home made Bangladeshi food and for his commitment to community cohesion and activities, who runs ‘Mohammed-Spice Of Life’ Unit 19 The Open Market


Update on Providence Place Gardens project #Brighton … still a few weeks to go!

From Brighton Council …

Dear all,

Due to delays to the project caused by other urgent road works across the city, the works on Ann Street and Providence Place should now be completed by the end of August.

Attached is the latest newsletter with a revised programme of works. The latest time lapses showing progress are available at

As previously stated, the works on the upper part of Ann Street will not be completed under the current funding scheme. The council will be doing its best to find financial resources to complete this section in the future.

On the plus side, a previously unexpected bonus of the current scheme is that free public WiFi provided by BT will be available within the project area when works complete at the end of August.  This should increase the range of people who use the park and the surrounding public seating, make the area safer and help realise the objective of creating a pleasant oasis for rest and informal leisure on the edge of London Road.

The council can appreciate that everyone who lives, works or goes to school in the area have been subjected to a fair degree of disruption and we do appreciate your continued patience.  We hope that you will enjoy the improvements and are able to benefit from the works when they are complete.

For more information and to keep up to date with the project please visit

Kind regards,



Paula Goncalves
Principal Planning Officer
Major Projects, Heritage & Design Team
Brighton & Hove City Council

Guess who’s coming to the London Road #Brighton #Barclays Bank site?

It was a great pleasure last Friday (17/7/15) to meet – along with visitlondonroad Town Team colleagues – Harry from 3space.

3space have ambitious plans to get the former Barclays branch up and running as a co-working space with an arts component and a maker space.

This should be a great boost to creative folks and others looking for a base from which to operate.  It will apparently be open to social enterprises and start-ups etc.

The opening date will depend on the speed of refurbishment – but ought to be in the Autumn 2015.

There is some information about the Brighton 3space here, and about the Oxford branch already in operation.

It sounds really exciting. Welcome to London Road 3space!

Agenda LAT meeting – 7th July 2015 18.15 for 18.30 Calvary Church, Viaduct Rd, #Brighton

(Draft: further details may be added before the meeting takes place – please check back)

1. Welcome, apologies and Introductions

We look forward to welcoming Wendy Taylor – deputy director. Cranstoun are the lead agency in the Pavilions Partnership who are now delivering the Drug and Alcohol service across Brighton and Hove.

1b. minutes of last meeting, future dates, including AGM and “open evening” aka “soiree”

– dates of next meetings. See item (2)

2. Policing and Licensing

a. The police have responded to our concerns with the offers of the possibility of more flexible arrangements to keep up good contact with our LAT. This may mean us being flexible on dates in the future (i.e. not always first Tuesday)

A LAT chairs meeting has been called for 23rd July 14.00-16.00 to discuss this and other matters.

b. Current situation on London Road – are the problems with street drinking, homelessness increasing?

c. former Barclays Bank – any update?

3. Viaduct Road

As requested, a letter was sent to Cllr Gill Mitchell summarising the aims and progress in Viaduct Road.

Council Officer Emma Sheridan will be attending, along with the Consultants’ team. Apparently 3 options are being considered for imminent future implementation, so our views are sought.

4. Planning Issues

– A presentation by Mike Everett of the proposals by  “Study Group” see their newsletter. This concerns the waste groun near Jury’s Inn, which would be built up as facilities for pupils of Bellarby’s college.

– A meeting has been set up to review the “New England Quarter” Planning strategy and its effects – July 14th 18.00 on. The LAT will be represented.

5. Updates and matters arising

a. Ann Street/Oxford Street junction – road works

– these are the result of the consultation exercise that was carried out last year.  (Some references are on this website).

b. The “stone circle project” – 40 stones are being laid across the area as an arts project (see previous meeting)

c. VisitLondonRoad – Town Team (updates – if any)

d. London Road Business Association (updates – if any)

e. Ditchling Rise Residents Association – AGM on Friday 3/7/15

f. Francis Street – many problems and irritations continue, and are being referred via an email group.

g. the Level – a very well attended Open Day was held 13th June 2015. Hanover residents were apparently adversely affected by the lack of facilities at the Level.

h. any other business?