Feeding the 5000 (but not the original) – a post at request of Indi Hicks from University of Sussex Students’ Union

Brighton Feeding the 5000


Feeding the 5000 is Feedback’s flagship campaigning event to shine a light on the global food waste scandal, champion the delicious solutions and catalyse the global movement against food waste.

At each event, a delicious communal feast for 5000 people is served up made entirely out of food that would otherwise have been wasted, bringing together a coalition of organisations that offer the solutions to food waste, raising the issue up the political agenda and inspiring new local initiatives against food waste.

The first ever Feeding the 5000 event was held in London’s Trafalgar Square in 2009. Since then Feeding the 5000 events have been held worldwide; from Paris to Dublin, Manchester, Sydney, Amsterdam and Brussels. In each location the events have had a lasting impact and catalysed action on food waste on a local and national level.

The public is also invited on the day of the event to sign up to the Food Waste Pledge, committing that they will reduce their food waste and asking businesses and governments to do the same.

Brighton Feeding the 5000 Steering Group

The steering group for the Brighton Feeding the 5000 consists of the Brighton and Hove Food Partnership, University of Sussex Students’ Union, University of Brighton, The Real Junk Food Project, FareShare, Seed Freedom, Brighton and Hove City Council, The Food Waste Collective and Freegle. The steering group has national support from Feedback.

The group has met a couple of times to talk through initial ideas and is very open to new members who represent local relevant groups.

Brighton Feeding the 5000 Event Aim

The aim of the event is to highlight the massive issue of food waste and call upon the city to join forces and tackle it further. This is about food waste at home, at restaurants, in food businesses and at education and workplace canteens. It is also about the suppliers and farmers whose food comes into the city and the fishing fleets off the Brighton shores.

The event is also a big celebration centred around a public feast set to feed over 5000 people. There will be a stage with speakers, recipe demonstrations from local celebrity chefs and a bit of music too. There will also be activities and info stalls run by our wonderful community of projects celebrating food and tackling waste in the city.

The steering group is keen to champion the message of ‘Wonky is Wonderful’ – to get everyone to embrace all the unusual and lovable ingredients of our city’s food system. We also want to highlight the Food Waste Hierarchy (reduce, feed people, feed livestock, compost) as a template for all sectors and communities in the city.

The event is entirely free and there is no corporate/business sponsorship onsite of any kind.

We will be looking to connect with London Road businesses, as well as businesses and farms further afield, to collect surplus donations to make the event happen.

Suggested Date: Thursday 29th October 2015

Suggested Time: During the day, mainly around lunch-time. (The event to last 4-5 hours)

Suggested Venue: The Level

Brighton and Hove City Council have given their permission for the event.

Level Communities Forum

Members of the steering group attended the Level Communities Forum and received their support for the event and welcomed their ideas on how we could work together.

London Road Area Local Action Team

The steering group would love to invite members of the London Road Area LAT to provide their thoughts, ideas and feedback on the event proposal and suggest any ideas in which the group might like to get involved.

Please email these to: indi.h@sussexstudent.com


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