Planning criteria for London Road – reference to Wetherspoons application

Here, for reference, is the planning document regarding London Road – especially in regard to changing Class A1 to Class A2, A3 … presumably it applies to a change to A4 (Pub).

SR5 Town and district shopping centres
With the aim of maintaining and enhancing the defined prime
frontages of:
-t he Town Centres of London Road and Hove; and
-thr District Centres of St James Street, Lewes Road, Brighton Marina
and Boundary Road / Station Road;
the change of use of existing Class A1 use shops to Class A2, A3 (cafes
and restaurants), will be permitted provided all of the following criteria
are met:
a. a clear predominance of Class A1 uses would be maintained;
b. as a result of the proposal there would not be a significant break
in the shopping frontage of more than 15 metres;
c. it would have a positive effect on the shopping environment of the
area by encouraging combined trips and attracting pedestrian
activity to the centre; and
d. the development would not be materially detrimental to the
amenities of occupiers of nearby properties or the general character
of the area.

If you would like to read the full document is has been uploaded here – the Adopted Local Plan – Chapter 6. The quotation is from SR5 on page 172 = page 9 of this chapter


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