Agenda for 14th April 2015 18.15 for 18.30

The agenda is as below subject to minor changes and additional info being added on Monday evening – apologies again for late posting.

1. Welcome, apologies and introductions

(We are hoping that local political candidates would take the opportunity to introduce themselves and take an interest in hearing about the concerns of the community)

2. Minutes of 3rd March

2b. dates of next meetings

5th May, 2nd June, 7th July 2015

3. Special Guest – Police and Crime Commissioner Katy Bourne

4. Policing and Licensing

– report back from Community Safety Summit (12th March)

– review of policing priorities

Francis Street – residents of the barrows reported last time that the area and particularly the provision of benches is becoming a centre of ASB featuring “street drinkers”. Report and Update.


– Licensing – applications (please note the licensing matrix which is posted)

3a York Place – License number: 1445/3/2015/01293/LAPREN

The closing date may well have passed: the application states: “cafe/bar located on the high street of brighton sofa and low table layout in main area, tables and chairs outside in fron of the building, in the yard, at the rear and on roof of extension.”

Sale by Retail of Alcohol
Alcohol consumed: On Premises: YES
Off Premises: YES
  • 11:00:00 – 23:00:00   Every Day

Providence Place Hotel/Beatnik Warehouse – has re-submitted a planning application with slightly altered roof profile, and the east facing external terrace removed.

Wetherspoons: there is a planning  application in the public domain from Wetherspoons, for London Road.

Wetherspoons managers have again been contacted re any possible licensing application, and invited to come and speak at the LAT. They reply that the person dealing with this is on holiday till 20th April.

5. Viaduct Road

– the measures that we have asked for (e.g. enforcement of upkeep etc) are still in the pipeline. The traffic-calming measures are awaiting further progress regarding traffic consultants reports – this we expect to deal with on May 5th.

– shall we invite the HMO licensing team on 5th May?



6. Updates and and news (if any)

Newly raised issues:

– timing of pedestrian crossing London Road/Baker street (email sent)

– proliferation of A-frames/noticeboards

a. Valley Gardens

b. London Road improvements – it would be nice to know more about the Duke of York’s works

c. Ditchling Rise residents association +  Green way gardening

d. London Road Business Association

e. Portas Town Team developments  – the current move is for the Town Team to delegate delivery of services to London Road Area Traders Association (to be renamed London Road Area Business Association)

f. Environmental Improvements

g. the Level

h. Providence Place Gardens – update if any

i. report back from presentation at Southdown Rise Residents Assocation (12th March) – they said what we had been doing was “inspiring”

6. Any other business – please notify the chair before the beginning of the meeting!


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