Martlets to take on the former “John’s Camping”

 Emma Seymour, Head of Volunteering and Strategy Management writes:

The Martlets are recruiting for volunteers to assist at its new charity shop which will be located next to the Emporium café on London Road. Having worked for BHT in the not so distant past and understanding the importance of people being given the opportunity to engage in developing their employability skills and connections within their local community,  I [am writing to the LAT as its key role in]  build[ing] links with the community of London Road.


We are looking to recruit volunteers to assist at the new shop. If you know of any interested groups, then myself or a member of the voluntary services  team would be happy to come out to any meetings to discuss this further in person. The process any potential volunteer would need to follow is to complete an application form […], attend an interview with the shop manager and be ready to commit to undertaking four training sessions before being offered a volunteer position.


This shop is going to have a vintage market feel and will sell vintage clothing, shabby chick furniture, vinyl, books, art and so on. The shop will be opening within the next two months. If you would like to know more about volunteering for the Martlets please visit for more information or call the team on 01273 273400.


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