Viaduct Road – traffic possibilities January 2015?

We’re trying very hard to improve the look and feel of Viaduct Road.

It’s a gateway into the city from London for every road vehicle – and it’s underperforming.

Although some residents might feel little affinity to the place they live in other residents want to take a pride in their environment – Viaduct Road could be so much nicer.

There are a number of threads to the problem and one of them is traffic. The speed and noise of traffic simply reinforces the idea that “this is not a residential street to be proud of, and nobody cares.” It would be great to change that perception.

Martin Heath is Road Safety Team Manager at Brighton and Hove City Council. On Tuesday January 13th 2015 he gave a presentation of the possiblities of interventions on Viaduct Road that might help with this transformation.

We know full well that this is an arterial route for the whole of Brighton, and it would not be fair on everyone else to restrict the overall traffic flow into the heart of the city – but there might be ways of persuading drivers to treat the street with respect as a residential street. There could be many positive spin-offs from this.

Here is the presentation that Martin gave. We’ll discuss this in full at the meeting on February 3rd 2015.

Facts: you may be interested to know that Viaduct Road carries 11,200 vehicles per day and 30% of vehicles exceed the 20mph limit but keep below 30mph, and 50% of the vehicles exceed the 30mph limit during their travel (see presentation for further details)


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