London Road finalist in Great British High Street award

London Road was finalist in the 2014 Great British High Street awards – “Local Centre” category.

The awards are part of the “Great British High Street” initiative associated with Mary Portas’ government-backed drive to revitalise the High Street. Penny Mordaunt MP, minister for shops, presented the awards at a ceremony 11/12/14 in Westminster.


Philip Wells – LAT Chair, Penny Mordaunt MP – minister for shops, Ann Townsend – Chair Town Team : award ceremony 11th December 2014

The regeneration of London Road has been rapid and  obvious to all, and has bucked the trend for revitalisation which experts have said takes decades to achieve.

There has been a combination of factors coming together to bless London Road – the re-launch of the Open Market, the prospect of 351 students spending money (?) where there was a huge empty building, the arts-led revival epitomised in the Emporium, Council initiatives such as the Level, and Providence Place Gardens (still under construction), and the Portas Pilot project. The LAT too has played a significant part bringing together the various parties and, as a specific example, in challenging street drinking at the supply side, and participating in “Sensible on Strength” which has given the area a major lift.

The £83,000 Portas money has been well invested under the guidance of the Town Team chaired by Ann Townsend of London Road Traders Association – pictured above, right. Town Team Manager Joe Nichols made a huge impact with the visitlondonroad website, and various other marketing and promotional activities and actioning the whole Portas project. There has been a particular benefit to the area from the Town Centre Liaison Officers who have played a big part in making the area safe and feel safe.

Portas + Arts Council money combined to enable the uplift to Elder Place – the commissioned murals – which the LAT raised as an issue and did the spade-work for over previous months.

Thanks also to Council Officer Rob Dawson from the economic development department who has been a great support for London Road.

All in all, we have a lot to be grateful for in the London Road area – it has been becoming a better place for those who live, work, trade, and shop here.



Agenda Tuesday December 9th 2014 18.15 for 18.30 Calvary Church

The agenda is as below subject to minor changes and additional info. If you are printing off a copy for the meeting, you might like to wait until Tuesday 9th Dec to do so!

Please note that there is nothing planned for Dec 12th the Abacus visit was November 12th

1. Welcome, apologies and introductions


2. Minutes of last meeting – 4th November 2014

2b. dates of next meetings

January 13th 2015, February 3rd – with Katey Bourne (Police and Crime Commissioner)

NOTE: P.W. will be serving in Sri Lanka during most of February 2015

3. Policing and Licensing

 – Inspector Brian McCarthy is booked and confirmed to come tonight. Please come prepared with any questions you may have, if an answer might require research/homework we would be pleased to pass the question on to the Inspector so that he can come prepared.

– review of policing priorities

– Licensing

(Note Beatnik Warehouse BH2014/03244 is currently shown as “under consideration”)

At the time of writing there is no application in the public domain from Wetherspoons, for London Road.

4. Viaduct Road

  • Update from Charles Dudley (UOS)
  • We have an update from Matthew Gest – Planning Investigations and Enforcement Team Manager
  • We hope to have an update from City Clean via Damien Marmura
  • Letting Agents – if anything to report

5. Updates and and news

a. Valley Gardens – a meeting was held with London Road Traders and Open Market Traders. The latest iteration of the plans says that the plan would still be traffic neutral if the car lanes were largely confined to one/north and one/south – some of the traders expressed alarm and criticism expressing the view that this would clog up the north/south flow and have severe negative effect on the economy of Brighton.

b. London Road improvements (via Jim Mayor)

c. Ditchling Rise residents association – apologies to them, our revised date has clashed with their meeting

d. London Road Traders – to note a traders/community magazine has been printed by Print Shop, Baker Street to 5000 homes and businesses

e. Portas Town Team developments – including TCLO funding

f. Environmental Improvements – Stanley Road

g. the Level

h. any other matters

6. Any other business – please notify the chair before the beginning of the meeting!

Happy Christmas!