Agenda for next meeting 7th October 18.15 for 18.30 Calvary Church, Viaduct Rd

The [draft] agenda will include:

1. Welcome, apologies and introductions

apologies from Cllrs – at Town Hall meeting, PCSOs on rest day. We hope to welcome the manager of the Abacus site.

2. Minutes of last meeting – 2 September 2014

3. Policing and Licensing

– review of policing priorities

Providence Place Hotel: James Watts will update us. The name of the proposed Hotel/Conference Centre is “Beatnik Warehouse”. He has photo-montage to show, and will answer questions. He is keen to have the endorsement of the LAT for the Planning Application if we are so minded.

– what would we like to do *if* there is a Licensing Application for Wetherspoons in groundfloor of Abacus house?

– Rosehill Tavern: change of use BH2014/03012 has been applied for – pub -> housing

3. Viaduct Road improvements – with invitations to letting agents, residents, City Clean, Council enforcement Officers, etc.

An apology for non attendance has been received from the Head of Operations at City Clean, Mike Moon.We very much hope to make more progress on this item.


4. Updates and news

a. London Road improvement. More to report from Jim Mayor

b. Greenway – updates from last time

c. London Road Traders updates (if any)

d. Ditchling Rise Area Residents Association

e. feedback from community safety forum

f. Portas Scheme – has now formally come to an end. There are plans to form a Community Interest Company to continue the work of the Town Centre Liaison Officers + website),

g. the Level Forum – if anything

h. former Co-op – Abacus House – update if not already covered

j. Providence Place Gardens – brand new blockwork has been laid on roadway beside Costa Coffee

k. PCC – has been approached

5. Any other business (please notify Chair before the start of the meeting)


10 thoughts on “Agenda for next meeting 7th October 18.15 for 18.30 Calvary Church, Viaduct Rd

  1. Kevin Cain says:

    I am back in Kenya so unable to attend. No progress anyway since the last time and I have never seen anything like the rubbish on Viaduct Rd. Nothing like it in Nairobi or Mombasa! What are Council Taxes for? Nobody from the council takes the slightest interest. Idem for landlords.

  2. localadmin says:

    Thanks Kevin – only fair to say that there is a Bin Strike on at the moment! An apology was received regarding the previous no-show by City Clean, and hopefully we can definitely make some progress. . Philip

    • Kevin Cain says:

      The mess has been there for over a year so the local bin strike cannot be used as an excuse. People just need to walk up the street and they will see what I mean.

  3. localadmin says:

    Thanks Kevin. One volunteer is doing an audit and one Council Officer. Obviously that does not pick up on historic problems. It would be really heplful if you could please say which house(s) you mean? Are we talking about mess on the pavement, or mess on private property? Thanks. Philip

  4. Kevin Cain says:

    Nothing to do with pavements just rubbish piled in front gardens – if you walk down there you will see what I mean. Even if there was not a Bin Strike the guys would not clear this a sit is not in wheelie bins

  5. localadmin says:

    I walked down there last week. Private property would be a case for the Enforcement Department – which we can certainly follow up. Which house has the mess that has been there for over a year?

    • Kevin Cain says:

      I can’t say exactly as I am not there at the moment. Maka lives at 49 and some of the houses going up the road from there have had stuff since she moved in in July last year. Landlords are clearly responsible if tenants do nothing but there is no action. Just next to Maka’s some students have just moved in and in this short time the rubbish almost obscures the front windows. They don’t seem to be aware that they have to take stuff to the skips. I have written to the University Accomodation offices enclosing photos.

      • localadmin says:

        That’s really helpful to know. If you care to copy me in to recent correspondence with University Acc then I can follow it up at this end. These are exactly the issues that we want to pin down. Best regards, Philip

      • Kevin Cain says:

        I can e-mail to you if you give me an address. Correspondence also includes complaints about parties and excessive noise (police were involved)

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