Providence Place conference centre?

2014-03-03 11.44.39-arts-club

Future site of Hotel – currently home of Brighton Arts Club

A lot of interest has been created by this proposal. More details will be in the minutes, but for the time being here is a summary from the meeting:

Dodgy area to get makeover?

– Providence Place Conference Centre/Hotel

James Watts, property developer, came to London Road Local Action Team meeting 2/9/14 and gave a presentation of his proposed scheme.
If the scheme gains approval it stands to continue the amazing forward momentum of London Road regeneration.
The plan is to build a four storey conference centre with a top-quality restaurant and terraces on the top, two floors of en-suite bedrooms, a ground floor with lounge and dining room, and a sound-proofed basement also containing a function room with restaurant.
The architecture aims to capture the existing “industrial” character of the property.
The area in question has been the subject of much attention from the Local Action Team in partnership with the Council. It has previously been plagued by graffiti, tagging and a general feeling of being ugly and unsafe. The building is currently home to Brighton Arts Club.
The building will be available for private hire only e.g. weddings, conferences. Members of the LAT asked questions about the type of development and the licensing conditions.
Philip Wells,
LAT Chair

One thought on “Providence Place conference centre?

  1. James Watts says:

    Hi Philip

    Thanks again to you and the LAT for giving myself and Doug some time to show you the plans.

    I’m aware that that proposal/makeover raised quite a bit of interest on the day. If anyone from the meeting wants to contact me directly here’s my email and mobile 07980 741749.

    With a fair wind, and the LAT support, we will see Providence Place become an attractive street in it’s own right vs a service back street for London Rd.



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