£70k Art funding for London Road

When the planning application for the former Coop was agreed, the developers undertook hand over a sum of money to offset negative impacts caused by construction and development . It’s called section 106 money. See here.

In this case an amount of money was match-funded from EU funds to produce a total amount of £70k. This was put out for proposals by Re-Create in conjunction with the Arts-led regeneration team in the Council.

There was considerable debate about the merits of the different submissions – and the winning project will be posted up here when all the formalities have been completed.

No doubt people will think of many things that could be achieved in all sorts of ways with £70k, but of course the money is made available only under strict conditions as to what it is spent on ….!

There is also no doubt that a venture like this will not end up pleasing everyone – but community engagement was one of the criteria for each entry.

Watch this space.


In the meanwhile …

Here’s one suggestion …


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Providence Place conference centre?

2014-03-03 11.44.39-arts-club

Future site of Hotel – currently home of Brighton Arts Club

A lot of interest has been created by this proposal. More details will be in the minutes, but for the time being here is a summary from the meeting:

Dodgy area to get makeover?

– Providence Place Conference Centre/Hotel

James Watts, property developer, came to London Road Local Action Team meeting 2/9/14 and gave a presentation of his proposed scheme.
If the scheme gains approval it stands to continue the amazing forward momentum of London Road regeneration.
The plan is to build a four storey conference centre with a top-quality restaurant and terraces on the top, two floors of en-suite bedrooms, a ground floor with lounge and dining room, and a sound-proofed basement also containing a function room with restaurant.
The architecture aims to capture the existing “industrial” character of the property.
The area in question has been the subject of much attention from the Local Action Team in partnership with the Council. It has previously been plagued by graffiti, tagging and a general feeling of being ugly and unsafe. The building is currently home to Brighton Arts Club.
The building will be available for private hire only e.g. weddings, conferences. Members of the LAT asked questions about the type of development and the licensing conditions.
Philip Wells,
LAT Chair


There has been some comments about Wetherspoons taking on part of the downstairs area of the new Abacus (= former Co-op) building.

For interest – here is the statement of Licensing that all new applicants must satisfy. London Road is particularly mentioned on page 15