Summer update 2014 – lots happening!

We don’t usually have a LAT meeting in August – here are some updates.

The Co-op building is proceeding and is headed for the deadline of 1st September when the residential part is to be ready for student occupants. Kara Ward (Watkin Jones) tells us that this is all on schedule. The retail units on the ground floor won’t be finished until later. Wouldn’t it be wonderful for the site’s neighbours to be finished with the upheaval that has been doing on during the building works.

There was a visit by Shops Minister Penny Mordaunt on Tuesday 7th August in connection with the Portas Pilot project. She did a whistle-stop tour of the Open Market, and various other venues. This was covered by BBCSussex, the Argus, LatestTV and others.

The Portas Town Team has been awarding £5k of shop-front improvement grants to applicants. This should give smaller traders a boost in lifting the quality of the street.

The team is looking to form itself into a Community Interest Company (CIC) in order to keep the initiatives going when the pilot comes to an end in a few weeks’ time.

The Level forum had a meeting at the Velo cafe, with a follow-up scheduled for August 19th at 6.00.

The Providence Place gardens project is due to be commencing in August.






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