Agenda for next meeting – September 2nd 2014 at 18.15 for 18.30

The agenda will include:

1. Welcome, apologies and introductions (+goodbye to John Holden of John’s camping)

2. Minutes of last meeting – 1 July 2014

3. Policing and Licensing

– review of policing priorities

– developer James Watts will present plans to develop the present Brighton Arts Club site (Providence Place facing the side of St Barts.) via complete demolition and rebuild into a conference centre/wedding hotel with enclosed function rooms and en-suite bedrooms.


3. Viaduct Road improvements – with invitations to letting agents, residents, City Clean, Council enforcement Officers, etc

4. Greenway (i.e walkway across old railway bridge on New England Hill popping out below Jury’s Inn) – can we pull various interested parties together to give this area some care and attention?

5. The next Community Safety forum – do we want to contribute any questions or proposals

6. Updates and news

a. voting for London Road improvement. See pdf here. Jim Mayor asks us for a view on the following

The options we have shortlisted for short term improvements are:

1: A General Clean / Smarten Up / Tidy

2: Minor Improvements to Preston Circus

3: Improvements to the Oxford Street / Ann St Crossing

b. London Road Traders updates (if any)

c. Ditchling Rise Area Residents Association

d. Portas Scheme (there are plans to form a Community Interest Company to continue the work of the Town Centre Liaison Officers + website),

e. the Level Forum – feedback via Cathy

f. former Co-op – students are to begin moving in by stages on 5th September

g. Providence Place Gardens – work has commenced on roadway beside Costa Coffee


7. Any other business (please notify Chair before the start of the meeting)

 Addendum – Police Statistics for July 2014:
London Road/York Place
Activity Police (warrants/arrests etc) 7
Anti-Social Behaviour (drinkers, street noise) 31
Criminal damage 5
Medical (drugs/drinking) 7
Road Traffic Collision 9
Suspicious 24
Theft 17
Theft – just shoplifting 34
Violence (assault, fighting, robbery, domestics) 14

Police Statistics for August 2014:
London Road/York Place
Activity Police (warrants/arrests etc) 5
Anti-Social Behaviour (drinkers, street noise) 22
Burglary 2
Criminal damage 4
Medical (drugs/drinking) 8
Road Traffic Collision 10
Suspicious 13
Theft 23
Theft – just shoplifting 24
Violence (assault, fighting, robbery, domestics) 17


Stats for the Level may not be available before the start of the meeting.

P.W. 28/8/14, 2/9/14


3 thoughts on “Agenda for next meeting – September 2nd 2014 at 18.15 for 18.30

  1. Kevin Cain says:

    I might not be able to make the meeting but as a resident of Viaduct Rd., I am appalled at the waste which is piled up in front of some of the houses and some of this has been there for well over a year. I can supply photos if required but a short walk down Viaduct Rd will easily show what I mean. We have had trouble with students (foul language/noise) but the police have been very helpful. We have also made our comments to the Council when the license for the floor above us was recently renewed.
    M Varvaridze

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