Agenda for AGM 3rd June 2014 – 18.15 for 18.30 Calvary Church, Viaduct Road

 final version of agenda (2/6/14), the chair’s report is now visible, and Lucy Dunleavy and Cathy Reeves are named as volunteers to help serve and steer the LAT – please notify the chair of any other business before the start of the meeting

1. welcome and introductions

2. policing and licensing

report back and setting policing priorities

report of Kebab Nite licensing hearing – the application for later opening was refused

3. Chair’s report for 2013-2014 and election of officers

chair’s report for past year

– Officers: John Holden (John’s camping) is stepping down as Vice-Chair. Thanks to Mike Hedgethorne for serving as Treasurer this past year.

Two residents/business-people have come forward offering to share the role of Vice-Chair, details to follow. If acceptable to the meeting P.W. is willing to stand for a further year.

Cathy Reeves and Lucy Dunleavy have both volunteered to serve. Lucy writes:

I have lived in Stanley road for 13 years with my family, originally trained as an artist / illustrator and worked in this field for 15 years.

Since having children I retrained and have worked from home as a massage therapist for the last 10 years.

I think it is a very exciting time for the London road area and it is lovely to see it finally being spruced up  and revived.  I would like to like to think that as part of the LAT, we can help form the way that London road is being shaped for the future. I think that bringing councillors, local businesses and contractors face to face with local residents is an important part of local governance and helps ensure any future problems can be resolved at an early stage.


Thanks to Katharine Crompton for taking minutes. She will be getting married on 4th July and leaving for Denmark.

We still lack a Secretary/Note-taker.

4. Community Safety Forum meeting 9th June 16.00

– do we wish to mandate any input to the next meeting?

5. Viaduct Road improvements (held over from previous meetings)

– representatives of University housing and local letting agent have been invited

– there is a new page on the website recording this

6. matters arising and updates

a. further meeting on Stanley Road to be held 12th June 10.00

b. Co-op redevelopment

c. Ditchling Rise Area Residents Association

d. London Road Traders

e. The Level

f. Elder Place murals

g. Portas Pilot

h. Any other business

7. date of next meeting 1st July 2014 (note – no meeting planned in August)

———-  Notes  for reference ———-

Item 3: appointment of office holders. Our current constitution is fairly minimal and flexible on office holders – the idea being that the democratic balance is maintained by the monthly full meetings rather than the big decisions being taken in sub-committees etc.

Quote from constitution:

6. Management

The Group will be managed by a Steering Committee (hereafter called the Committee) which shall comprise at least a Chair and Vice-Chair elected at the Annual General Meeting. Other posts might include Secretary, Treasurer and other Vice-Chairs to share responsibilities


Item 4: The purpose of the Community Safety Forum is:

Richard Barraball has a personal interest and enthusiasm in these matters has offered to attend these meetings (i.e. 4 times a year, to put forward any items which we mandate, and feed back to the LAT a summary of what takes place)

  • The scope and purpose of the CSF is as follows:

To co-ordinate the Council’s functions regarding the police and public safety and to take such action as is necessary, including:

·        making consultative arrangements under the Police Act 1996;

·        drawing up community safety plans;

·        co-ordinating the Council’s functions under the Crime and Disorder Act 1998 including the formulation, with other responsible authorities, of strategies for reducing crime and disorder and the making of child curfew schemes, providing that this shall not include the adoption of the Crime and Disorder Reduction Strategy.

  •  The agenda pack for the next CSF is uploaded here. (you may have to click twice in succession … sorry!)

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