Agenda for meeting 6th May 2014 – 18:15 for 18:30 Calvary Church, Viaduct Road

[Please note item 7.1 added in after discussion between chair and Richard James of “Save the Rose Hill Tavern” group – apologies for the short notice under unforeseen circumstances]

London Road Area Local Action Team Agenda
Tuesday 6th May / 18:15 for 18:30 at Calvary Church, Viaduct Road

1. Welcome, apologies and introductions –
– we hope to welcome a representative from “Hempworks” London Road.
– apologies from Tim Read.

2. Minutes from previous meeting (April 1st 2014 – please see website)

3. Policing matters and Licensing (if any)

report back from “Stanley Road issues” meeting

Review of our three possible policing priorities for this month. Last month’s were:

    • Graffiti and fly-tipping (plus possible drug dealing) in Stanley Road
    • Shop-lifting in London Road
    • Prevention of intimidating behaviour on London Road

N.B. Licensing – hearing regarding Kebab- Nites

4. Major Item – presentation on plans for public realm and traffic flow in Valley Gardens, and London Road – speaker Jim Mayor, Projects Manager, City Council
Jim will remind us of the form and progress of the Valley Gardens project in the area from St. Peters south to the Pavilion. He will sketch out some of the possibilities for London Road – with the proviso that funding is limited and future decisions will be made by elected representatives.

5. Matters arising and updates

a) Portas Pilot project – Website up and running New business have launched since last meeting. There are some newly empty shops?

b) Elder Place project – update. Fringe events.

c) Co-op redevelopment

d) the Level – AGM was held. Next meeting: Tuesday 20 May 2014, in the MacLaren Pavilion, The Level

e) London Road Traders Association

f) Ditchling Rise Area residents association

g) Open Market -progress, “The Barrows” is/are(?) now being inhabited.

To note:
f) pedestrian crossing timings London Road: – no further feedback

7. AOB.

7.1 “Save the Rose Hill Tavern” – The venue for the planned STRHT meeting is not available so time has been offered by the chair at short notice to discuss this issue at the LAT under AOB . If there is not sufficient leeway within the normal LAT meeting to accommodate all necessary discussion – as is almost certain to be the case – then an optional “after meeting” will be offered. This is not quite what either group was originally planning, but hopefully some positive progress can be made in this way. P.W. 23.00 5/5/14


Any other items, please notify Chair at before the meeting.


Held over: Viaduct Road – pavement cycling, wheely bins, general appearance. To tackle this would need considerable effort and energy e.g. to invite one of the major Letting Agencies– shall we make it an agenda item for June? July?
Dates of next meeting: AGM (?) June 3rd 2014, (June 12th 10.00 am mini-meeting for Stanley Road)



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