Agenda for 4th February 2014

London Road Area Local Action Team Agenda

Tuesday 4th February / 18:15 for 18:30 at Calvary Church, Viaduct Road

1. Welcome, apologies and introductions –

– apologies: Amanda Healey, John Holden, Cllr Pete West

please note that Charlotte Overton-Hart has tendered her resignation as Vice-Chair, Katharine Crompton has volunteered to take minutes till June, but we need a suitable person to serve as V-C.

2. Minutes from previous meeting (December 2013)

3. Policing matters and Licensing

a. Review of our three possible policing priorities for this month. Last month’s were:

  • Graffiti and flytipping (plus possible drug dealing) in Stanley Road

  • Shop-lifting in London Road

  • Prevention of intimidating behaviour on London Road with particular regard to interaction with children

    (N.B. Police stats are attached at the foot of the agenda)

Feedback on Stanley Road mini-meeting (Thursday 30th Jan 2014)

b. Licensing and “Sensible on Strength” – appeal hearing on B&W stores is due 24/25 February and a “negotiating approach” has been received by the Council.

4. Portas Pilot project – a lot has been happening in London Road (Joe Nichols)

5. Elder Place project – update

6. Matters arising, ongoing and updates.

a) Co-op redevelopment

b) pedestrian crossing timings:

From Austen Hunter: We did spend a long time looking at what could be done to help. We ended up configuring all of the signals and crossings in London Rd so that the pedestrian crossings came around more often. The plan that we put in place halved the interval between crossing times.

The challenge we have here is balancing the needs of this major through route for traffic leaving Brighton with pedestrians. If we let the pedestrian crossings go to the green man at random times it will have a significant impact upon traffic.

If you could give us more detail on the issues you would like us to focus on I can take this back to the team.

c) Level

d) pavement cycling – Viaduct Road, New England Road

e) Richardson’s Yard

f) Elder Place

g) London Road Traders Association

h) Valley Gardens

i) Open Market

7. AOB. Any other items, please notify Chair at before the meeting.

Dates of next meeting March 4th 2014 (note corrected date).




Police Statistics for November 2013:

London Road/York Place

Anti-Social Behaviour (drinkers, street noise) 21

Burglary 2

Criminal damage 1

Medical (drugs/drinking) 6

Road Traffic Collision 8

Suspicious 21

Theft 19

Theft – just shoplifting 12

Violence (assault, fighting, robbery, domestics) 11

Police Activity (warrants/arrests etc) 9


Police Statistics for December 2013:

London Road/York Place

Anti-Social Behaviour (drinkers, street noise) 24

Burglary 9

Criminal damage 8

Medical (drugs/drinking) 1

Road Traffic Collision 5

Suspicious 27

Theft 22

Theft – just shoplifting 26

Violence (assault, fighting, robbery, domestics) 21

Police Activity (warrants/arrests etc) 10

— Added post-meeting for completeness (PW)

Police Statistics for January 2014:

London Road/York Place

Anti-Social Behaviour (drinkers, street noise) 15

Burglary 2

Criminal damage 5

Medical (drugs/drinking) 4

Road Traffic Collision 5

Suspicious 30

Theft 26

Theft – just shoplifting 32

Violence (assault, fighting, robbery, domestics) 13

Police Activity (warrants/arrests etc) 12


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