LAT Meeting 29/10/13 – Agenda

London Road Area Local Action Team Agenda

Tuesday 29 October / 18:15 for 18:30 at Calvary Church, Viaduct Road

1. Welcome, apologies and introductions

2. Minutes from previous meeting – addition that Mohammed Asaduzzaman attended

3. Policing matters and Licensing

Police Statistics for September 2013:

London Road/York Place

Anti-Social Behaviour (drinkers, street noise) 35

Burglary 5 (4 multiple breaks in a business block)

Criminal damage 9

Medical (drugs/drinking) 5

Road Traffic Collision 6

Suspicious 19

Theft (of which 7 were shopliftings) 29

Violence (assault, fighting, robbery, domestics) 21

Police Activity (warrants/arrests etc) 9

a. Review of our three possible policing priorities for this month. Last month’s were:

  • Street drinking/anti-social behaviour/drug use in York Place

  • Shop-lifting

  • Prevention of intimidating behaviour on London Road and interaction with children

Note: the PCSOs of the London Road area do not cover Preston Road.

b. There is a Licencing application for former Blockbusters

4. Portas Pilot – update from Joe Nichols.

5. City College planning application – the presentation from the previous LAT is now on the LAT website. It would be helpful if there are detailed questions to forward these to the chair before the LAT meeting.

6. Matters arising, ongoing and updates.

a) Co-op redevelopment

b) Oxford Street – a traffic regulation order to enforce current unclear restrictions is planned, support or objections are requested.

c) Elder Place – update on plan to deal with graffiti

d) London Road Traders Association

e) The Level

f) Open Market

g) Initiative to remove high strength alcohol – ongoing, other LATs have expressed interest

7. AOB. Any other items, please notify Chair at before the meeting.

Dates of next meeting: 3 December.



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