Grand Opening of Level – postponed till early summer 2014

From Claire Morgan :

I’m writing to let you know that the Official Opening Celebration event for The Level planned for Saturday 28 September is being rescheduled. 

The exact date will be agreed with the CoTLF Events Committee shortly, but it is likely to be early next summer. We will report back to the next full CoTLF meeting, which is Tuesday 1 October, and for which you should already have received information. We hope to see you there.

The reason for rescheduling the official opening is that there have been delays with the construction of the new café building which means that the café, public toilets and Rose Walk western entrance will not be completed by the end of the month.

The CoTLF, plus Council officers, various partners and volunteers from many directions have put in a lot of effort so far into planning this event, and although all the work done so far will not be lost and there are no abortive costs, it is disappointing.

However, we do plan to still launch the People’s History of The Level exhibition in the autumn and this will be celebrated by a small invitation- only event for all the people who took part in this project before it’s opened to the general public.

There are many other things coming up as well to celebrate, namely:

·        The new Artwork chessboards arrive this week;

·        First ever HealthWalk from the Level on 3 October (mentioned at the last CoTLF meeting – see

·        The Opening up of all the North Lawns and the first showing of the new Community Artwork at its crossroads by the start of October;

·        The opening of the new public toilets and ‘Changing Places’ facility;

·        The opening of the new Level Velo Café;

·        Christmas Tree lighting and carols (likely to be end November – we’ll give more information shortly); and

·        Community Room open days and taster sessions.

We will keep you informed.

I realise that this news is disappointing but hope that you understand the reason for putting off the Official Opening until we can really celebrate all the wonderful new features of the park on what we hope will be a lovely summer’s day.

Best wishes,

Claire Morgan


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