Licensing Panel hearing – 20th August 2013

The LAT called for a review of the licensing of B&W stores – York Place, having heard heart-felt cries from local traders, residents, etc. that something was going badly wrong with the arrangements.

During the run-up to the review the Licence Holder offered voluntarily to remove all high strength alcohol from the shelves, and additionally, to have this written into his licence via a “variation”. The was a welcome and co-operative move, and both the Licence Holder and the Licensing Panel were told this.

The review was held 20th August – starting at 10.00 and with a result being announced five and a half hours later.

The LAT was not calling for the licence to be revoked, but leaving the final decision to the panel. Our request was that high strength alcohol never ever find its way into the hands of street drinkers via B&W. The panel decided, having looked at the evidence and the history that only way to achieve this result was for the licence be revoked.

This does not come into play straight away, there is now a period for appeal.

The full minutes etc are on the Council webpages.

P.W. 3/9/13


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