London Road LAT June Meeting

Our next meeting will be on Tuesday June 4th 6.30 (or 6.15 for tea and baked goods!) at the Calvary Church Preston Circus.

London Road Area Local Action Team – Agenda 4th June 2013
1. Welcome, apologies & introductions: we hope to welcome Tim Nichols,
Head of Licensing, and Chris Gull from the Emporium. Apologies received
from DRARA.
2a. Minutes of previous meeting
2b. Date of next meeting: July 2nd
2c. Finances – an enquiry has been sent as to whether LAT funding will
continue as previously
2d. Notice that an AGM is due “within 15 months of the last” – July 2nd – there
will be voting for nominated posts
3. St. Bartholomew’s CE Primary Community Safety feedback (may be held
over due to illness)
4. Policing matters & licensing
4a. The last month’s policing priorities were agreed as:
• Street drinking/anti-social behavior/drug use in York Place
• Shop-lifting
• Prevention of intimidating behaviour on London Road
4b. Licensing review – B&W
4c. York Place – other issues, progress from last meeting?
4d. Licensing – Emporium
4e. Alcohol pricing – issue raised previously – hold over?
5. Elder Place – report, vision, and proposed public meeting 20th June 18.00
6. Matters arising, ongoing and updates
6a. Co-op Redevelopment – including Simon Cowell
6b. The Level
6c. Richardson’s Yard
6d. Oxford Street – traffic issues including bus lane legal status and
6e. Open Market
6f. Squatters update
6g. Flyposting
6h. Jenny Lind – art installation on “Greenway”
6i. Portas Pilot update
6j. Any other updates – items of any other business should be emailed to the
Chair before the meeting – A.O.B. Any other items, please notify Chair at before the meeting.


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