London Road LAT – May Meeting Update

Our next meeting will be this evening 6.15 for 6.30 start. The minutes of the March meeting can be viewed HERE and the Agenda for tonight is below.

Agenda 7th May 2013

1. Welcome, apologies & introductions
apologies: Cllr Pete West, Elspeth Broady (DRARA), Sam Bryant (Sussex Community Rail Partnership), Kalishia Le Coutre (BMECP), Ananda Healey (Head Teacher – St Bartholomew’s) we hope to welcome: Simon Cowell (Watkin-Jones site manager), Kate Brocklebank (Planning Officer), Greg Minns (Council), James Wiesz (The Emporium),
2.a Minutes of previous meeting 19/3/13
– Note – no minutes were taken at the presentation on Valley Gardens, no doubt the presentation will be repeated at some future point
2.b Date of next meetings: June 4th, July 2nd
2.c finances – an enquiry has been sent as to whether LAT funding will continue as previously
2.d notice that an AGM is due “within 15 months of the last”
3. Policing matters & licensing
3a. Review of our three possible policing priorities for this month. Last month’s were:

  • Street drinking/anti-social behaviour
  • Shop-lifting – as previous months
  • Prevention of intimidating behaviour on London Road

– what is the situation like in York Place at the moment?

January 2013: LR & YP: Anti-Social Behaviour(drinkers, street noise) 17, Burglary 1, Criminal damage 5, Medical (drugs/drinking) 1, Road Traffic Collision 7, Suspicious 25, Theft (of which 25 were shopliftings) 49, Violence (assault, fighting, robbery, domestics) 14, Police Activity (warrants/arrests etc) 16

Feb 2013: LR & YP Anti-Social Behaviour (drinkers, street noise) 31, Burglary 1, Criminal damage 6, Medical (drugs/drinking) 4, Road Traffic Collision 8, Suspicious 23, Theft (of which 14 were shopliftings) 29, Violence (assault, fighting, robbery, domestics) 19, Police Activity (warrants/arrests etc) 12 March 2013: Anti-Social Behaviour (drinkers, street noise) 37,Burglary 4,Criminal damage 10 Medical (drugs/drinking) 3
Road Traffic Collision 4 , Suspicious 22, Theft (of which 17 were shopliftings) 37, Violence (assault,fighting, robbery, domestics) 16, Police Activity (warrants/arrests etc) 5
3.b.Drug use – Oliver de Trafford (Moksha) reports : we have had a big increase lately in drug use with syringes found on a few occasions. It would be good to know what is being done by them , police and the council to tackle this.
3.c Traffic using bus lanes and turning incorrectly at Oxford Street/London Road junction, raised by Liam Mandeville on previous occasion by email
3.d Licensing
– Matt Henry has drawn attention to Council initiatives in other places for outlets voluntarily removing high-strength lagers and beers from their shelves. Would we like to know more?
– The Emporium might like to talk about their aspirations?
4. Co-op
(a) demolition works phase
(b) construction works
– last time it was noted that high standards promised had been lacking at start-up, a letter of complaint was written and the presence of a representative had been requested at this meeting
– council officers have stipulated conditions for ongoing works. What living conditions will these be able to guarantee for residents?
5. Matters arising, ongoing and updates
a) St Bartholomew’s school link-up: Emma Lacey to report to next LAT
b) level – update and “communities of the level”, conducted visits to site
c) Open Market getting higher – opening August 2013. Comment that public toilets are now closed.
d) Richardson’s Yard- planing application – approved 30/4/13
e) planning consent – former Buxtons??
f) squatters: update? (No visit has yet been paid to Cowley Club)
g) opening and closing: Preston Circus Pharmacy closing retail: Sussex Beacon Charity Shop, HisBe etc. opening.
h) flyposting – the link with Concorde2 continues and similar arrangement with Volks has been initiated
i) Jenny Lind – “Ghost train” a chivvying letter has been written in co-ordination with Sam
j) History walks – Chris Tullet reminds us of publication “London Road, Brighton’s first suburb”
k) Recent “Independent Drugs Commission” – meeting held 27th Feb – replied expressing concerns over footfall and location
l) any other updates
6. Portas Pilot update – Rob Dawson
(a comprehensive report is available on “Open Space” meeting, and a Town Team meeting is planned for 16.00-18.00 Wed 8th May)
7. Elder place streetscene project :Simon Bannister
– four intensive meetings have been held with a view to a large co-ordinated effort to improve Elder/York/Providence Place + car park environment.
Date for future public/stakeholder meeting June 20th 18.00 New England House (t.b.c.)
8. A.O.B. Any other items, please notify Chair at before the meeting.


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