London Road LAT April Update

Dear All,

The next full London Road Area LAT meeting is 7th May 18.30 (18:15 for refreshments), Gates Room, Calvary Church, Viaduct Road.

There will also be a special meeting 23rd April (18:15 for 18:30) with Jim Mayor to showcase the Valley Gardens Project, and discuss the knock-on effect on London Road and the future possibilities etc.

Draft minutes of the last full meeting March 19th 2013 are attached. (Click HERE to view)

In the meanwhile you will be interested to know:

  • flyposting vis-a-vis Concorde2: I went down on my bicycle and spoke to the very understanding ladies there about flyposting. If we see flyposting in the London Road area we are able to email them “” with “flyposting” in the header and they will contact the promoters straight away and have the offending post removed. Please copy me in to the email and I can check this with them. Obviously we would prefer to move quickly to a situation where there is no flyposting to report!
  • a consultation (“Open Space”) meeting was held to do with the Portas Pilot 26th March
  • a letter was written to the developers regarding the reports of a very unsatisfactory start to the Co-op redevelopment
  • a full article from the LAT was published in the Argus 9th April  (click HERE for article)
  • work on the “Elder Place streetscene project” has been proceding quietly – next meeting 26th April 14.00 Calvary Church.
  • Vera who spoke to us from B+H Food Partnership has sent notes and contact details – click this link to view : Food-Notes for London Road LAT meeting 2013-03-19

(For your interest: my daughter’s wedding went really well, and we had a lovely – if exhausting – time)

Hope to see you all soon,

best wishes,


Philip Wells
Chair / London Road Area Local Action Team (LAT) part of Safe in the City

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