Portas Pilot – An Invitation


 Brighton – London Road Portas Pilot ‘Open Space’ Consultation

‘How can you contribute to the Portas pilot project vision for change on London road?’

 UPDATE This meeting was been postponed because of severe weather conditions (snow). It has now been rescheduled to Tuesday 26th March 5-9pm at the Clarendon Centre 47 New England Street Brighton

Rob Dawson (01273) 291104 / rob.dawson@brighton-hove.gov.ukLondon RdJury’s Inn, 101 Stroudley Road, Brighton

Tuesday 12 March 2013

5pm – 9pm

We would like you to help shape a series of projects aimed at helping the London Road town centre fulfil its potential. We want the London road town centre to be a safe, attractive and economically healthy destination for the many people who work, live, shop and study in the area.

The Brighton – London road town team has secured government funding to test out new and innovative projects in order to sustain and improve the London road town centre. We would like to have your involvement, ideas and support to help ensure that the projects have the best possible impact given the limited funding available.

The event will focus on the question: ‘How can you contribute to the Portas pilot project vision for change on London road?’

The context of our successful funding bid will be introduced at the start of the event along with an overview of the project ideas that were included in the bid.

The rest of the event will be run using a process called ‘Open Space’.  Open Space allows everyone at the meeting to raise the issues that matter to them, share ideas and consider recommendations for the future.

Please note that numbers for this event are limited and will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.

RSVP to Rob Dawson (01273) 291104 / rob.dawson@brighton-hove.gov.uk by Friday 8 March.

 We look forward to seeing you, delicious food and drink will be waiting for you on arrival.


2 thoughts on “Portas Pilot – An Invitation

  1. safeinthecity says:

    Well spotted! The Portas Pilot scheme however does exend in its ambtion further along the valley to include the shops along York Place opposite St Peters. Rescheduled meeting is this eve where we expect more to be revealed & this site will be updated as this initiative progresses

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