Quality of Outdoor Environment

(From an email recieved from Osten Axelson)

School of Architecture, University of Sheffield, in partnership with the Brighton & Hove City Council and the Noise Abatement Society, is investigating the quality of the outdoor environment in Brighton & Hove. In order to do this we seek partners among community groups in Brighton & Hove who may promote this research project among its members and local residents.I hope that your LAT would like to support this effort in promotion of high quality outdoor environments, health, well-being and quality of life. I believe that this is well in line with the objective of the LATs.The study in Brighton & Hove is conducted through an on-line questionnaire, which people may fill in when they find time to do so. We need help to disseminate information about the project and the web link to the questionnaire to reach an as wide and representative group of the local population as possible. In Brighton & Hove we aim for 2.600 responses citywide, which is 1% of the total population.

Would your LAT be willing to help us in this regard? If so, we need to discuss and agree what information and how it should be circulated.

You find more information about the project on its website:


Kind regards,
Östen Axelsson
Principal Investigator

Östen Axelsson, PhD
Newton International Fellow
School of Architecture
University of Sheffield
Western Bank, Sheffield S10 2TN
United Kingdom

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