Our next meeting

Here are the draft minutes of the London Road Area LAT meeting 5th February 2013. (Please let me know if you have been misquoted etc. There were a lot of comments so we might not have got it all right.)

The next meeting was agreed Tuesday 19th March 2013, 18.30 start 18.15 for refreshments. So far the next meeting is likely to include, as well as the normal setting of policing priorities:

  • report of Valley Gardens traffic/public realm project, + beginnings of similar London Road traffic/public realm project
  • Brighton Housing Trust  “Richardson’s yard housing project” (I don’t yet know the proper official name for this) update
  • feedback on involving St Bartholomew’s school children and families in community safety
  • food and nutrition ideas from last time
  • report on Elder place/ Providence Place/ York Place Graffiti initiative
  • Jesse Wilde (Equinox – working with Alcohol misusers) will be available to answer any questions on the attached report that he presented last time
  • Cllr Hawtree, Kate Brocklebank and others on use of “public good” money from Co-op redevelopment
  • update on Portas Pilot
  • continuing the theme of squatters and reducing associated nuisance

plus … whatever

I look forward to seeing you then

best wishes

Philip Wells


Our Next Meeting – Agenda

Our first full LAT meeting of 2013 will take place on Tuesday February 5th – 6.30 pm at the Calvary Church as usual.

The minutes from the last meeting can be viewed here.

Meeting of the London Road Area Local Action Team on Tuesday 5 February 2013, 18.30pm, at Calvary Church (18:15 refreshments)

1. Welcome, apologies & introductions
– We hope to welcome “your warm home project”
2.a Minutes of previous meeting
2.b Date of next meetings: (N.B. March 5th PW absent, March 14th, 19th,? April 23rd? May 7th? 14th?)
thoughts on possible promotional news letter as in previous years – (held over)
3. Matters arising, ongoing and updates

  • Co-op planning application BH2012/02675 was approved 12/12/12 – building proper will  commence after 3 month judicial review period has elapsed
  • Update on car parking: new rates come into force 1/2/13
  • Level update – an introductory “support group” meeting was held 31/1/13
  • Portas Pilot + “dressed for success” update
  • City college update (if any)
  • Richardson’s Yard housing project (BHT): a public meeting was held 4/1/13
  • There was a mayor’s reception for LAT chairs 19/12/12, and a LAT chairs’ meeting 22/1/13

4.  Policing matters & licensing
Review of our three possible policing priorities for this month. Last month’s were:

  • Street drinking/anti-social behaviour with a special focus on York Place
  • Shop-lifting – as previous month
  • Prevention of intimidating behaviour on London Road with a special focus on York Place

Nov 2012:LR & YP:

  • Anti-Social Behaviour 66,
  • Burglary -,Criminal damage 10,
  • Medical (drugs/drinking) 9,
  • Rowdy (e.g. drinkers, fighting, noise, domestics) -,
  • Road Traffic Collision 4,
  • Suspicious 32,
  • Theft 35 (of which 20 were shopliftings),
  • Violence (assault, fighting, robbery) 32
  • Police Activity (warrants/arrests etc) 14

Dec 2012: LR & YP:

  • Anti-Social Behaviour 33
  • Burglary 1
  • Criminal damage 3
  • Medical (drugs/drinking) 3 Rowdy (e.g. drinkers, fighting, noise, domestics) 2
  • Road Traffic Collision 4
  • Suspicious 21
  • Theft 41 (of which 22 were shopliftings)
  • Violence (assault, fighting, robbery) 18,
  • Police Activity (warrants/arrestsetc) 15 (N.B. problems in York Place continue)

5. “ten minute topic” a request held over from previous time – Richard Barraball has asked to raise a question as to whether we are missing an opportunity (see appendix)
6. Simon Bannister – Mini-LAT 8/1/13 Graffiti project – Elder place: report back – further
meeting 8/1/18 10.00 Calvary – website and twitter, etc.
7. Upcoming – and neighbouring

  • Former Co-op £100,000 section 106 money – art/creative input to London Road?
  • Lewes Road scheme – update Simon Hicknott
  • Valley Gardens scheme – N.B. this is “traffic neutral” as regards London Road
  • London Road – public realm scheme – hold over to March

8. A.O.B. Any other items, please notify Chair at philipwells@btinternet.com before the meeting. London Road LAT is now on Twitter follow us at: https://twitter.com/LondonRoadLAT website: https://londonroadlat.wordpress.com/
Proposed item for 10 minute discussion – from Richard Barraball. Are we missing an opportunity?
“a society can be judged by the way our most vulnerable are treated”
“from those according to their ability and to those according to their needs”

  • As we have seen in our meetings there is little positive use in ‘moving on’ those who congregate outside our local shops and community spaces when they can so easily return if positive alternatives are unavailable. I think it is a missed opportunity to use some of our empty property as Community Kitchens and activity centres.
  • A continuing recession may provide more empty space that if funding and intentions were willing could be used both as training in catering skills to produce nutritious meals that might be eaten on the premises or taken home
  • If child care skills could also be taught without loss of benefits [for those in part time work orunemployed] then such skills [NVQs or equivelent] could enhance employability plus self esteem while developing safe places such as St Georges Crypt in George Street.
  • The Friends Centre, Isetta Square, has a dedicated empty space earmarked as a community cafe that remains dormant. It is too small in itself, but is a potential part of a neighbourhood network.
  • We need to learn from other places of excellency and adapt these examples to our locality so helping to make this bit of London Road special.
  • The expansion of City College might also provide a community resource for training and skill sharing.

(adapted from Richard’s email)

Elder Place Mini-Meet

At our last full LAT meeting, a trader with a property which backs onto Elder Place raised concerns about the street.

Key issues were:

  • Dominance of graffiti, street art and tagging
  • Cleanliness, litter and flytipping
  • The condition of some of the land and buildings
  • Perceptions of safety.

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The meeting agreed to set up a focus group, involving residents, businesses, the council and the police to look at this street and see what the oportunities might be for all parties to work together to improve it. The group has met once so far and will report back at the next full LAT, and future meetings are planned.

If you would like to be a part of this initiatve, please let us know.